Ready Mix Concrete
Ready mix concrete is produced from a mixture of cementious material, aggregrates, water, and admixtures.  We offer the following admixtures to meet your specific needs and requirements during less than favorable weather and/or transportation times.
  • Air Entrainment--used in concrete exposed to elements; helps prevent freeze/thaw cracking
  • Fly Ash--part of the cementious material in majority of our mixes
  • Hot Water--increases the temperature of the concrete
  • Accelerator--increases the rate of early strenght development and/or shortens set time.  We offer both chloride and non-chloride accelerator.  Non-chloride accelerator is available in 1% and 2%.
  • Mid-Range Water-Reducer--increases workability of concrete
  • Fiber--offers reinforcement and helps protect against plastic shrinkage
  • Superplasticizer--enchances workability(added on the job)
  • Retarder--slows the curing process
We also offer coloring available through Davis Colors. 

Septic Tanks
We have 1000 and 1500 gallon septic tanks in stock along with 8 and 10 hole distribution boxes.  We also carry Q4 sewer panels and ends.

We carry a selection of different size concrete blocks.  They are offered in the following sizes:
  • 2*2*6'
  • 2*2*3'
  • 18*18*6'
  • 18*18*3'

We offer concrete sealer.  This can be purchased at our office or sent with our driver when delivering concrete.  It is important to seal colored concrete to prevent fading.

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